SUPRAVIS GROUP S.A. - Producent nowoczesnych opakowań barierowych

In addition to our extensive product portfolio we also offer a wide range of aftersales servicing options. Our dedicated team of highly qualified technicians helps optimize the packaging process at our Clients’ facilities, making use of years of experience working with all types of packaging systems, such as flow pack, tray sealer or roll stock machines.


SUPRAVIS GROUP S.A. - Producent nowoczesnych opakowań barierowych

We operate a professional graphics studio, where a team of skilled designers help match our prints to our Clients’ preferences and optimize the quality and cost of the finished product. Our graphics specialists also work closely with our Clients’ marketing departments in order to produce original designs to be implemented into their new product campaigns.


Supravis Group S.A.

ul. Nowotoruńska 56
85-840 Bydgoszcz
tel. +48 52 32 68 800
fax +48 52 32 68 703

open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


tel. +48 52 32 68 723 - 727
fax +48 52 32 68 728

Export sales

tel. +48 52 32 68 797 
fax +48 52 32 68 777

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