5-Point Ecostrategy

5-point Ecostrategy

is a SUPRAVIS' response for searching and implementing innovative packaging solutions. The starting point of our strategy is a concept of a circular economy minimising negative impact of plastics usage.
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Need for change


As a responsible participant in the global value chain we are conscious of the need to change our approach towards a circular economy in plastics. That is why we are part of transnational organizations such as CEFLEX, which promote multi-level cooperation aimed at creating new, efficient regulations for the sector, both on a European level and within respective national jurisdictions. Our efforts intend to ensure that all natural resources are properly managed and conserved in a manner consistent with sustainable development principles.

Packaging design


For years we have been at the cutting edge of technological advancements in packaging design, always offering the most resource-efficient solutions. Constant investment in breakthrough manufacturing innovations, combined with the passion of an experienced team of experts, allows us to offer new types of packaging based on renewable materials. Thanks to strategic projects such as our newly-launched Packaging Excellence Center we are able to turbocharge our R&D efforts by ensuring immediate feedback for production trials and an unlimited range of possibilities for application testing.

Product offer


Nearly 40 years of experience has equipped us with the necessary know-how to create innovative packaging solutions “from resins to ready products”. Our in-house control over the entire production chain helped us expand our portfolio by adding environmentally friendly product categories. Our new MONO film line guarantees the same processability and efficiency using structures dedicated for conventional recycling technologies. On the other hand, products from our new BIO range are designed with renewable raw materials, which ensure a lower carbon footprint throughout the supply chain and an optimal management of natural resources.

Production waste


Every production process inevitably generates waste, which is quickly becoming an important cost factor for producers, and ultimately for the environment. Because of this we focus on designing packaging which is optimized for today’s recycling processes. Our newest investment is a technologically advanced mechanical recycling line, which allows us to reuse in-house production waste without any compromise on quality and processability. Additionally, it ensures sufficient capacity for the purchasing of plastic waste in the open market, to be subsequently reprocessed and repurposed into new, virgin-grade finished goods.

Into new uses


Adjusting to the requirements of a fully circular economy and investing in the necessary infrastructure will allow Supravis to reprocess waste on a larger scale and offer it to other sectors of industry. Using our extensive know-how in plastics processing we are able to supply new products to market segments such as construction, furniture or apparel, where waste recycled in our proprietary process can gain a new life.

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For recycling

Packaging materials that are recyclable thanks to their structure consisting mainly of polyolefins (PE, PP) or PET (at least 90%).


Packaging materials consisting of renewable raw materials acquired from plant biomass or chemical recycling. Their use allows to reduce a carbon footprint of final products.


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