Packaging for food products from SUPRAVIS

Packaging for food products offered by SUPRAVIS are products protecting food against impact of external factors that may lead to food spoiling. Furthermore, they facilitate transport and storage. Offered products from this category include:

  • packaging for bread,
  • packaging for bread rolls,
  • packaging for frozen food,
  • packaging for ready meals.

Our packaging for food products ensures freshness and hygiene of products inside. The convenient packaging for food products has attractive appearance, functionality and specific barrier properties.

The mentioned proper barrier conditions ensure maintaining ideal properties of food products and extend their sustainability. Different coatings and materials ensure that packaging for food products from SUPRAVIS is an ideal choice for storage of meals, chilled food and sensitive products.

Packaging for the medical sector

Packaging for the medical sector includes specialized products appropriately customised to be used in many medical sectors. They play an important role in the entire process of medical devices manufacturing. They are an indispensable factor on which quality and safety of medical procedures, like operations, treatments or ordinary diagnostic controls, depend.

Intended use of packaging for medical sector

Safe packaging for the medical sector is mainly intended for packing of medical instruments and materials that are sterilised with pressurised steam, already mentioned ethylene oxide or ionised gas, i.e., hydrogen peroxide plasma. Furthermore, the packed medical device is re-sterilised with the packaging itself.

The use of the packaging for the medical sector aims at maintaining the packed product sterile and ready to use (for a specified time). The offered packaging consists of two layers, i.e., plastic laminate and a part permeable to a sterilising medium, in a form of medical paper of high microbiological tightness parameters.

Packaging for the industry – technical sector

Packaging for the industry is used to protect spare parts, as well as components and semi-products at each stage of production, transport or storage. Packaging for the industry offered by SUPRAVIS is reliable, safe and tailored to individual needs. Departments of our company responsible for production analyse in detail offered packaging for the industry in terms of its composition, selection of layers or processing techniques to guarantee that packaging can be used in all conditions and for every product.

Drawing from our extensive experience in industrial processes we offer solutions which main purpose is to protect, store and transport various products from the industrial sector.

The offered packaging for the industry prevents damage caused by weather conditions such as salt, water or even air in oxidising processes. This way, all types of electronic and mechanical units are properly secured and ready for transport.

We invite you to discover the full range of our packaging for food, medical and industrial sector.


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