Many food producers operating in different food branches contact Supravis to get help and support in solving problems with packing of their products in plastic packaging materials. It concerns both non-thermoshrinkable (films, laminates, vacuum pouches) as well as thermoshrinkable (tubes, films, shrink bags, casings) materials. Therefore, in order to meet market expectations, we have launched an additional service in a form of paid service support. Our offer is addressed not only to our current Customers, but also to those outside the regular base.


Company Supravis has extensive facilities, including specialized employees.  Thanks to rich, over 25 years, experience of Technicians / Servicemen employed in the company we can offer support at the highest level.  Such a long presence in the industry, as well as continuous improvement of qualifications through participation in trade fairs and trainings, has allowed us to gain necessary experience and knowledge which we want to use for the good of your companies.


Scope of services provided by Supravis’ Service support includes, among others:

  • Diagnosis of causes of the problems during packing process using both our products as well as products from others producers of plastic packaging materials.  
  • Advice on choice of appropriate parameters on packaging machines to improve quality and visual aspects of packaging.
  • Advice on  appropriate choice of packaging’s kind, type, size to fit specific application.  
  • Advice on  optimizing of packaging process through:
    • selection of optimal parameters of packaging process,
    • selection of appropriate kind, type, size, thickness, barrier etc. of packaging.
  • One-time (directly after product packing) or cyclical (during endurance tests) measurement of modified gases content (MAP) in the packaging using CheckPoint device.
  • Diagnosis of vacuum chambers’ thightness or vacuum pump operations’ efficiency by using vacuum gauge.
  • Diagnosis of  minor technical defects in packaging machines.
  • Advice on  purchase of packaging machines.
  • Trainings for employees, technicians in scope of plastic packaging (materials, structures, applications, appropriate selection of materials).
  • Trainings for production workers / operators in scope of use and operations of packing machines and most common problems arising during packing process.

Described above scope of provided support as a part of service visits is a result of many problems arising in each industry during packing processes. Our wide product portfolio has been for years addressed mostly to food sector, especially to industries such as: processing of meat, fish and diary. Our specialists perfectly cope with problems arising during packing of fresh meat, frozen fish or dairy products.


Undoubtedly, the advantage of service support is an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of experts who are in daily contact with the latest technologies. Availability in no more than 24 hours is a result of the fact that our Technicians / Servicemen are located in different parts of the country, which will facilitate our customers to contact them.


Numerous problems often arise from wrong prepared graphic designs for packaging, incorrect positioning of the registered printing during packing or wrong forming of film on machines. Examples of problems arising can be listed endlessly for roll pack machines as well as for  traysealers or flow packs. Each industry has undoubtedly characteristic problems during packing resulting from specificity of processed products. Our task is to diagnose causes of the problems and to propose a solution which will immediately solve them to restore the correct flow of technological processes.


We invite all of you today to get familiar with the offer of our additional services. We remain at your disposal to help in solving any problems arising during, often complex, production processes. To learn more about additional service support please feel free to contact through Supravis’ sales departments (both domestic and export) or directly with Service Department at email: and phone number +48 609 851 668.