We are very glad to inform You that company Supravis has introduced new film solutions into its offer. Thanks to their special structure and method of production the films enable significant reduction of costs of packaging and production in food producing companies. We invite You to contact our sales representatives in order to learn about and test our new, innovative films for food packaging. Thanks to a unique technology of coextrusion of barrier films (“sandwich type” structures) and newest achievements in aspect of usage of innovative polymers the films’ thickness starts from 25 µm. The films can be used as ready top films and as components to create wide range of laminated films. They include EVOH layer as a standard, ensuring high barrier against gas. Main advantages of usage of our thinner films are following:

  • Elimination of losses connected with film’s punctures (increased mechanical strength)
  • Obtaining of very high efficiency of packaging machines (high hot-tack in connection with optimal coefficients of sliding and anti-blocking)
  • Shorter stoppages while packing on rollpack machines, flow packs and tray sealers (possibility to wind bigger rolls)
  • High strength of seals (sealing initiation at lower temperature)
  • Very good transparency and gloss
  • Increase of unit packaging output from 1kg of film
  • Lower environmental fees
  • Smaller storage area required (bigger rolls)