SUPRAVIS S.A. continuously develops the portfolio of its products. In the plastic packaging market recent years, in particular, have seen a revolution in designing of solutions forming a part of the Circular Economy. They include recyclable materials and in the future also materials containing recyclates safe for human health or based on materials from renewable sources.

            The current trends in the packaging market, also including food packaging, which focus on ecodesigning and expanding packaging materials available in the SUPRAVIS S.A. range, have led in a need to test packaging at the first design stage, before it reaches our customers. In response to packaging revolutions concerning design guidelines, a concept emerged to establish the Packaging Excellence Center in the company, which was officially commissioned in September 2022. The road to implementation of that idea started two years earlier, when works on the design and visualisation of the future facilities started.

The Center houses:

  • an Ulma traysealer, for testing of films and top laminates for their sealing with rigid trays, as well as functionality of lock and of easy open seals,
  • a thermoforming Multivac line (roll pack machine) for verification of bottom films strength in conditions of thermal forming of films from our current portfolio, as well as newly designed materials,
  • an Ulma line for production of flow-pack / flow-vac packaging, for testing of laminates and thermoshrinkable materials;
  • a colour assessment cabinet for approval of prints in the presence of our Customers,
  • a conference room for meetings, training sessions, and multimedia presentations.


The described equipment is supplemented with screens showing the most interesting materials about the company and its extensive product portfolio. Packaging Excellence Center is a modern and comprehensive area which ideally fits into the Food Quality and Safety Culture currently promoted and required by BRC GS Packaging Materials, and into a road to the Circular Economy developed by us, that is THE 5-POINT ECOSTRATEGY. We are glad that currently we already can test our products at early stages of research and development projects and improved packaging developed by our technology specialist, as well as present them to our Visitors during their visits or audits. This centre is also invaluable tool for handling complaints or quality remarks that we occasionally receive from our Customers. Taking the above into account, we are independent as a self-sufficient manufacturer of plastic packaging intended to come into contact with food, implementing a concept from a granule to a finished product, taking into account the highest standards of hygiene and quality, confirmed every year with the top notes after yet another October BRC audit for packaging materials.