Supravis Group S.A., which has one of the most advanced production plants in the world, has a competitive advantage in order to respond to the challenges of the market and to offer its own solutions, which will not only provide comfort to recipients, but also reduce environmental impact of packaging. Development and investing in machinery, continued for several years, allows us to design packaging that offers better functionality with reduced use of natural resources and to produce it applying energy-saving manufacturing processes.   


Recently, we completed development works on material used for application on flow pack machines – SUPRALAM.


Technical capabilities of machine for film production allowed to manufacture multilayer laminates, in which proper raw material components are added to individual layers. It resulted in achieving very good strength parameters, gloss , haze, and what’s the most important perfect sealing parameters – excellent hot-tack responsible for the quality and speed of sealing on flow pack machines. All of it with significant reduction in the thickness of laminate, even to 42  μm.


The direction of development work in this segment was closely related to the expectations not only of the packaging market, but also environmental protection. Responding to these expectations provided a wide range of related benefits to our Customers. The most important of them include:


  1. Reduction in thickness of material by approx. 35 % - from 65  μm to 42  μm;
    - more running meters on a roll – fewer changes during production,
    - lower costs of transport and storage,
    - lower amount of kilograms of the material per 1 m  2 of packaging ending up in the environment.
  2. Perfect sealing parameters – hot tack;
    - higher efficiency of packing machines by approx. 30 %, even up to 100 t/min during dry sausage production,
    - lower parameters (temperatures) of sealing,
       - lower energy consumption by approx. 20 %,
       - slower degradation/wear of heating elements of machine.
  3. Innovative structure –appropriate composition and proportions of components applied during production allowed to achieve very high barrier properties, allowing to store some products even for up to 100 days in room temperature.   


The above mentioned benefits of  SUPRALAM contribute significantly to lower production costs of unit packaging, leading to higher profitability of product.


In addition to obvious technical advantages, aesthetic values of packaging play a very important role. It is common knowledge that many purchase decisions are based on the first impression. Eye-catching packaging design attracts the attention of consumers and frequently decides about adding a given product to the shopping cart. Responding to the expectations of our customers, also in the field of innovative print technology, we have prepared a number of solutions making product more attractive and building its image with the use of modern design. Using Super Silver paints and matt varnishes with a touch effect, we are able to make even the most complicated prints, which improve aesthetic value of the final product.


New trends and standards in production of flexible packaging force manufacturers to invest in technologies, which allow to improve the products and to affect their functionality and design. The use of  laser technology is perfect for making modern packaging meeting the demands posed by the market.


The most popular is  “easy open” cut, enabling consumers to easily open the packaging. In case of barrier laminates segment, it is important to maintain high barrier properties of packaging, thus only the outside layer is cut, making sure that packaging retains its properties. Laser equipment is also able to perform: micro perforation, macro perforation and perforation in any shape. Thanks to such use of laser, we improve gas exchange through the packaging material. In addition, it is possible to engrave simple shapes, which have a decorative function and protect against counterfeiting. All operations performed on laser equipment can be synchronized with earlier print, thus old packaging can get a new use and refreshed look.


The situation on the packaging market, an analysis of our production capabilities and growing expectations of our Customers allowed us to implement a new investment project, which significantly improves our competitive advantage as a manufacturer of plastic packaging. In April this year, we launched a new printing machine. This time, we chose a printing machine made by Bobst. It is the first model 20SEVEN launched in Poland. This investment will allow us to make double-sided printing 10 + 10 colors, as well as selective varnish depending on design and needs of our Customers. As a result of applied technologies, our production capabilities will increase by 50%.


The main task of all solutions applied in laminates production described above is to market modern packaging with innovative structure, improving functionality and providing innovatory visual effect – all of that to meet the demands of our present and future Customers.