Plastic packaging is infamous. It is often blamed for causing environmental pollution. Dead sea animals or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are constantly fueling ecologists' panic. But is plastic packaging really so harmful?


We have written many times about how important it is and how significant impact it has on a global food economy. There are many examples of its advantages, but it does not change the fact that producers of plastic packaging bear a huge responsibility. They must successively strive to improve the materials introduced to the market. The new solutions are to be as ecological as possible in order not to confine to the requirements of legislation, but to create still innovative projects with respect for the natural environment.


Our task is also to shoulder this responsibility, but not in the form of introducing ad hoc solutions for a while, but as building a philosophy that will set us a perspective and thoughtful approach for many years. The five-point strategy developed in SUPRAVIS is a guideline of conduct that makes us build the most modern infrastructure, make spectacular investments to become a leader in ecological solutions of packaging.



Recent years have brought a change in the approach to plastics due to their negative impact on the environment. A number of NGOs are working on models for implementing of a sustainable Circular Economy. Thanks to investments, SUPRAVIS has already contributed to reduction of amount of plastic placed on the market (downgauging). Currently, as a member of CEFLEX, the company observes, actively participates and follows the trends introduced to the flexible packaging market.

The European Union and its member states are also continuing to establish and introduce legal acts that will allow to introduce the European Green Deal and this way to protect the environment most effectively against degradation.



Following CEFLEX guidelines our company develops new designs of packaging materials, which are fully recyclable as they are based on polyolefins. At the same time we reduce the carbon footprint and develop products based on renewable, not fossil, raw materials. Achieving of these objectives would not be possible without the unique technology and huge commitment of experienced specialists – people who carry out bold projects with passion and dedication, introducing innovative solutions. Thanks to currently created technical school of packaging machines (showroom) we are able to test new products inside the company before testing them at customers’ premises.



The existing standard offer of SUPRAVIS is constantly broaden with new packaging materials which are more environmentally friendly thanks to the use of only polyolefins or only PET (materials suitable for recycling) and bio-based raw materials in the production:

  • shrink tubes, films and bags;
  • films for thermoforming;
  • films and laminates as top for trays and for flow-pack packaging;
  • vacuum pouches.

Over 35 years of presence on the market as well as acquired know-how enable us to create innovative solutions „from granule to ready packaging”.



The production process generates waste, which is an additional burden for the producer and the environment. Looking for solutions in every field, our company implements the possibility of processing waste and using it in its products without losing their properties. Our nearest investment plans are related to the purchase of the most modern system in recycling technology, which will enable the reuse of waste generated during production.



In the longer term, in order to meet the global efforts to reduce the excess waste in our environment, SUPRAVIS will consistently strive to process waste on a larger scale by investing in an adequate infrastructure. It will allow packaging waste to be recycled and reused in the plastics industry outside the food, cosmetic or medical industries.