Since the end of June, a bench dedicated to Supravis can be found in Myślęcinek, Bydgoszcz. Its installation and maintenance are associated with our support for this largest city park in Poland.

The mission of funding benches aims at fostering social and environmental values in the region, as over half of value of each payment is allocated to further development of Myślęcinek - expansion of cycling tracks, modernisation of the zoo, or planting of trees. This action, being a part of a thoroughly considered CSR strategy, confirms that Supravis is a company that is socially responsible and wants to remain close to people and operate with a low environmental impact.

This valuable attitude of Entrepreneurs who fund benches with their engraved logo also contributes to establishing relations with the local community and strengthens the image of companies making active leisure activities of Bydgoszcz citizens more attractive. 

We would like to invite all numerous visitors to Myślęcinek to rest on benches funded by Bydgoszcz entrepreneurs, the number of which continuously increases. We are happy that our company is amongst sponsors, so we can contribute to development of the Forest Park of Culture and Rest.