Forbes Diamonds are one of the most prestigious rankings of Polish companies, the value of which increased most rapidly in the last three years. The ranking is conducted using the so-called Swiss method, combining the revenue and the assets methods, developed by the “Forbes” editorial team and business intelligence agency Dun&Bradstreet Poland. The criteria applied included financial performance for 2016-2020, assets value, payments history, creditworthiness, and lack of negative legal events.

Awarded companies were classified into three categories according to their income on sales in the last financial year: small (from PLN 5 to 50 million), medium (PLN 50 to 250 million), and large (above PLN 250 million) companies, broken by voivodeships.

The ranking published on 27 January 2022 is unique, because it presents the picture of enterprises during the pandemic. So we are even more proud of the fact that Supravis is among the recognised companies and belongs to the prestigious group of “Forbes Diamonds 2022”. As the editorial team emphasises, presence in the ranking confirms the strength and quality of the brand, and its ability to build the value. 

Supravis took the 10th place in the regional list of companies from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (revenues ranging from PLN 50 to 250 million), and the 189th place in the national list.