At the beginning of the year Supravis’ machine park was equipped with a new machine for the production of doypacks and flat pouches with a zipper. The selection of the machine, although difficult, fell on the market leader: Japanese company Totani. Good recommendations related to technology fill us with optimism about the future of this type of products in our portfolio. Doypack bags with a characteristic fold at the bottom, allow the packaging to stand vertically. The popularity of doypacks is related to their wide range of possibilities in terms of: selection of material, shape, application or options used. Our new investment allows us to offer our customers bags with: Euro hanger, laser scribing, round corners (on top and/or bottom of the bag), zipper and easy-open cut. In matter of material selection the most characteristic structures are duplex, triplex and mono for recycling.

For more details related with the range of sizes, thicknesses and printing possibilities ask our sales representatives.

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DOYPACK EN.pdf [355.67 KB]