In addition to our extensive product portfolio we also offer a wide range of aftersales servicing options. Our dedicated team of highly qualified technicians helps to optimize the packaging process at our Clients’ facilities, making use of years of experience working with all types of packaging systems, such as flow pack, tray sealer or roll stock machines.

Scope of services provided by Supravis’ Service support includes, among others:

  • Diagnosis of causes of the problems during packing process using both our products as well as products from others producers of plastic packaging materials.
  • Advice on choice of appropriate parameters on packaging machines to improve quality and visual aspects of packaging.
  • Advice on appropriate choice of packaging’s kind, type, size to fit specific application.
  • Advice on optimizing of packaging process through:
    - selection of optimal parameters of packaging process,
    - selection of appropriate kind, type, size, thickness, barrier etc. of packaging.
  • One-time (directly after product packing) or cyclical (during endurance tests) measurement of modified gases content (MAP) in the packaging using CheckPoint device.
  • Diagnosis of vacuum chambers’ thightness or vacuum pump operations’ efficiency by using vacuum gauge.
  • Diagnosis of minor technical defects in packaging machines.
  • Advice on purchase of packaging machines.
  • Trainings for employees, technicians in scope of plastic packaging (materials, structures, applications, appropriate selection of materials).
  • Trainings for production workers / operators in scope of use and operations of packing machines and most common problems arising during packing process.