Packaging Excellence Center (PEC) was born from the idea “from a concept to finished packaging”, which gives our company extensive options for:

  • presenting to the Customers our previous achievements, as well as innovative solutions, also those fitting into the Circular Economy concept through ecodesign, implementing the company’s 5-POINT ECOSTRATEGY,
  • initial testing of packaging at early stages of research and development projects,
  • constant improvement of our products for better performance on all packing systems,
  • approval of printing in the vicinity of a department that handles this process,
  • conducting meetings and training sessions, also with our Customers' participation,
  • PEC is an area that helps us to understand issues related to application of our products on packing lines on the spot and immediately, and to implement necessary improvements in materials, before tested packaging is sent to Customers for validation.

Why was PEC created?

Krzysztof Kończal,

The President of the Board

     Throughout the years, we have always valued the after-sales service within our entire concept of the company operations and the packaging industry. This means that to be a leader in the sector, we need to provide our Customers with the complete comfort and safety related to packing of their products. This level of market trust can be achieved in one way only, when we know about packaging, packing systems and applications for product packing more than our Customers. Therefore, our work cannot end with the finished product leaving extrusion machines, printers or other equipment. Supravis' knowledge and experience, together with the widely understood know-how, should allow us to analyze all details of the production chain, up to the packed product on a shelf in a store.

     This is how we define understanding of business. It means continuous striving to be a leader in the European market of packaging for fresh food, while respecting the history of development and investments in the Company. We notice that this is definitely a breakthrough event in terms of one-off financial expenditures allocated to development works, apart from investments in improvement of the portfolio and product range completed so far. It is to represent a kind of “boost” that should enable us to meet all requirements associated with transformation of the packaging market in the coming years.